Skootin Cuda

 Here is a photo of my dads funny car in 1967 the Skootin Cuda , Ray Sullins driver and EJ BIggers in the back ground.

EJ Biggers and Ray Sullins

9 comments on “Skootin Cuda
  1. brittany.biggers says:

    This was my grandpa Biggers race car

  2. Dean Baker says:

    I remember when EJ had this car sitting at the Spur Restaurant

  3. Dwane says:

    I remember this car. E.J. Biggers and the Skootin Cuda. His brother Don Biggers had a similar car called the Missouri Mule.
    They used to run at Newport Drag Strip back in the good old days, and boy did they put on a show. Back then in you had a HEMI you has something. Great car.

  4. Don says:

    Seen the Skootin Cuda run at Mid America Raceways in Wentzville, MO in ’66. Preston Honea was driving then.

    “Texas Don” Zielinski
    The Texas Zephyr A/FX 66 Chevelle

  5. Ken Brummitt says:

    Hi…. I have a set of decals to build a model of this car but I have a few questions and hope you can answer it for me I assume the car had a Hemi in it and by looking at the few pictures that I could see it look like it doesn’t have a dashboard in it and possibly could you tell me what color the interior was thank you…

    • Carl Biggers says:

      my e-mail is i can send you some pictures wher you can see the motor and inside dash board

      • Dave Garcia says:

        Maybe you’ve heard of my dad, Dave Garcia? Our dads went racing all the time. Whether it was Scootin Cuda, Skootin Cuda, Bear a Cuda, or my dads car, Giant Killer. Saw those cars race many times.

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