Dwane’s 1966 Biscayne Sleeper

Dwane’s 2 door post Nickey Biscayne sleeper. In the mid 60’s and early 70’s A backwards (K) put terror in many a racer.This backwards (K) ment you were up against a Nickey built car from the dealership owned by Edward and John Stephani the midwest’s one stop High Performance Marketplace.

Dwane's Nickey

L-72 427 CU IN 425 H.P.

3 comments on “Dwane’s 1966 Biscayne Sleeper
  1. Carl Biggers says:

    Very Nice sleeper

  2. Dwane says:

    I like my Chevelle, but that 66 Biscayne was a fun car. I wish i still had it, what a sleeper BIG BLOCK RAT with a 4-speed ROCKCRUSHER, and 410 COGS. It don’t get much better than that.

  3. Carl Biggers says:

    Should have never let this one go!!!!

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